AS exam revision

Revision materials for Edexcel AS History

Unit 1D Option 3 – Russia in Revolution 1881-1924

Unit 1D Option 4 – Stalin’s Russia 1924-53


I present here a selection of notes and material I have prepared to support students (in England) with these AS examinations.

The emphasis is on how to deploy knowledge to answer exam questions – they are NOT a substitute for actually learning the factual content of the course.

For more detailed support I recommend the following commercial revision guides:

Hodder’s “My Revision Notes” series: for Russia in Revolution and Stalin’s Russia

Collins’ “Student Support Materials” series: for Russia in Revolution and Stalin’s Russia

Preparing your revision toolkit

1. Make sure you know exactly what content you need to know about. It’s all spelled out here (page 32 and pages 154-6).

2. Make a text file containing all the past exam questions that have ever been set. My revision notes are focused on answering past questions, but irksomely Edexcel’s copyright policy (as I understand it) prohibits me from posting any of them online. But it won’t take you long to do this yourself. All the past papers are here – just take 10 minutes to cut and paste the appropriate questions into your own file to create an essential tool for your preparation.

Revision notes

Reform in Tsarist Russia 1881-1914

The survival of Tsarism 1881-1914

The fall of Tsarism – February 1917

The fall of the Provisional Government – October 1917

The Bolshevik consolidation of power 1917-24

Stalin’s rise to power 1924-29

Stalinist economics – collectivisation of agriculture

Stalinist economics – the Five Year Plans – COMING SOON

Stalinist politics and the Great Terror – COMING SOON

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